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G DATA Antivirus MAC reliably protects against viruses and malware attacks when you’re emailing, shopping and banking. No chance for malwareIt automatically detects and removes threats to your Mac without slowing down your computer.Protection against dangerous linksWhether searching the web or surfing social networks: If you click on a malicious link, our virus protection for macOS blocks malicious websites.Virus scan on demandScan files or entire USB sticks for malware lightning fast. Simply via drag & drop over the G DATA application window.G DATA Antivirus MAC featuresVirus scannerAntivirus for Mac detects and removes all types of malware such as viruses, spyware, Trojans, keyloggers and adware from your system. All in real time.Phishing protectionBlocks fake and dangerous websites designed to intercept personal information such as login and credit card information.QuarantineThe virus program for Mac quarantines infected or suspicious files in a secure area. The files can then no longer be opened and cause no damage.Protection against Mac and Windows malwareThe program detects not only Mac viruses but also malware for Windows systems. This prevents you from inadvertently forwarding infected files to family, friends or colleagues.Secure filesIf desired, Antivirus for Mac can also scan removable media or individual files for malicious components.Automatic updatesProduct updates and information about new malware are downloaded automatically on a regular basis.

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