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Choose a 15 Month subscription to an award-winning McAfee® Antivirus program and enjoy the complete protection of your PC. McAfee means security, privacy, fast performance, and protection against even the most malicious software. McAfee offers many sets designed for the family or working on multiple devices. However, if you are a single device user – theMcAfee Antivirus is the best choice! And what will you gain by deciding to buy protection for one device? Complete computer protection McAfee will protect your computer against viruses, the most dangerous software, and hacker attacks. You can be sure that your PC is free of bots and rootkits. Andall this with the highest performance! Not only does McAfee run in the background to keep you safe at all times, but it also employs a range of tools and features to speed up your computer. Safe browsing You can be sure McAfee will take care of your privacy and identity protection while browsing the web! Securely store saved passwords and delete private files. Access websites to instantly receive a security alert. Browse, delete sensitive information, leave no trace, get rid of spam, and take full advantage of the network knowing you’re safe. McAfee provides freedom! Updates and support Forget about monitoring program updates. McAfee keeps up with the news, so your subscription experience never drops. Also, if necessary, you can always consult online support and seek advice on any matter without hesitation. Key features Choose a McAfee® Antivirus and see how easy it is to use your computer with the best antivirus. Block all possible viruses, malware, and network attacks. Bet on efficiency and try out tools to improve the performance of your device. Use the web safely, remove spam and receive website security alerts. Enjoy complete online help.

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