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AVG AntiVirus for Android to protect your phone against viruses, spyware, and other malware, plus keep it running like new. Get Android antivirus, plus some of our best security, privacy, and performance tools, all-in-oneAVG AntiVirus for Android helps you cover the three core areas of your digital life — security, privacy, and performance — with just one download.Protect your Android phone 24/7Keep your phone safe against viruses, ransomware and other malware. You can even secure your data if your phone is stolen.Antivirus – Get essential protection against viruses and other online security threats.Anti-Theft – Secure your private mobile data if it’s stolen or lost and get help recovering it.Smart Scan – Run an advanced scan and find vulnerabilities hidden in hard-to-find places on your phone.Malware Force Uninstaller – Remove persistent and hard-to-uninstall malware from your device quickly and easily.Browse, shop, & bank online with confidenceShop and bank safely online on any Wi-Fi network without compromising your security. Avoid fake or phishing websites, and protect your financial information.Scam Protection – Get an alert if you receive any phishing attempts via texts, emails, or chat apps that target your private data.VPN – Stay private online, hide your IP address, and access the content you love from anywhere.Web Shield – Avoid web attacks and unsafe downloads by automatically blocking malicious websites.WI-FI Scan – Scan the Wi-Fi network you’re connecting to and quickly identify any security vulnerabilities.Add more layers to your privacy protectionProtect your personal privacy. Hide photos in a password-protected vault, lock apps with PIN codes, and get an alert if your email password has been hacked or leaked.Photo Vault – Lock photos away from spies and ensure that your best memories are never leaked or lost.Hack Alerts – Get a warning if any of your email accounts have been compromised in a hack or leak.App Locking – Protect your most sensitive apps from spying eyes with PIN, pattern, and fingerprint security.Keep your phone clean & running smoothlyRemove hidden junk, free up disk space, analyze your app usage, speed up your phone, and get it working like new.Junk Cleaner – Find and remove junk and old files that are clogging up your phone in just seconds.Ram Booster – Pause resource-draining apps and programs to speed up your phone and use it for longer between charges.App Insights – Get a quick overview of your app permissions and data usage, and receive data usage alerts.

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